Drums Classes - Mamms

Incredible talent to your figure tips is just a few steps away, buy Hey! Wait, we hope that you know watching is different from playing. If you have watched some one playing drums impeccably good, you feel the crave of playing like that too. That is why you are here and wish to start enjoying the groove of the rhythm.

Energetic and sporty people love this instrument. Electrifying your rhythm skills with Drums playing is always a good idea. Humans have rhythm sense since the birth. You observe your walk, heartbeat, pulse or whatever, there is a standard balance and timing in everything you hold biologically. At MAMMS we just extract your rhythm sense from deep inside. It takes time and needs patience but if you mark your goal clear, we can achieve it together.

Our trainers will guide you with step-by-step instructions. This programme is backed by text and video practice material, which we share regularly after the live online/offline sessions you attend.

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