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Singing your favourite rhythm with expertise on playing a guitar is simply an achievement. Be it a beginner or one who have lost their touch, one is never too old to learn this great music instrument.


Singing feels melodious until you do it for pleasure but when you start to think of it as a career, you need the assistance of a professional. A vocal coach will serve you as an excellent guide to help


Learning PIANO and KEYBOARD pushes the learner towards real understanding of music from day 1 itself. It does not only provide the song playing techniques but also enable us to understand


This is an ancient Indian classical instrument. It gets impeccable attention of its listeners when played with its correct theory. Flute is an instant mood creating music art.


Any instrument learning is simple if you consistently work upon the rules of training. To make it simpler, our trainers have made a structured training layout, which a student needs to just follow.


Incredible talent to your figure tips is just a few steps away, buy Hey! Wait, we hope that you know watching is different from playing. If you have watched some one playing drums impeccably good,


Thousands of rhythm variations and their expansion is possible on TABLA. It is a popular that, if you learn tabla instrument you may play any other rhythm instrument by just knowing their basic


Loving an instrument and playing it is polls apart topic. Before thinking to play one always find methods for its learning. Getting started with Saxophone learning is never a challenge.