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Flute Classes

This is an ancient Indian classical instrument. It gets impeccable attention of its listeners when played with its correct theory. Flute is an instant mood creating music art. It can be used as solo as well as accompany instrument.

Learning flute demands its right handling and air balance. Most of the Learners learn it for meditation (Self peace) and eventually opt as profession later. It allows you to create un countable number of melodies in the way you want. It takes time but when you really gets friendly with effective melodies, you get better every day in your playing.

Flute playing is taught at MAMMS. Trainers emphasis on fixed and simple mood developing melodies at start. Later we explore and expand the creation in intermediate and advanced stages.

It takes 6 months to achieve the real joy of music. You have to be more consistent initially. The success formula in flute learning is repetition and practice.

These are few important topics upon which you must have hands on experience initially -:

  • Fix, Tune, Assemble and care for a flute
  • Form a correct, strong flute embouchure
  • Learn interpret music notation
  • Play bunch of popular melodies and songs
  • Perform at least 5 Major scales
  • Recognize to play nearly every note on the flute

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